Wondering Why You Should Pick Us?


We improve your learning experience by providing you with an individual machine to learn with. You also have the opportunity to organise one-on-one sessions with your lecturer if you find any concept challenging. This helps you learn better, faster and smarter.

Internship Opportunities

We offer a 3 months internship program where you get to work with reputable fashion designers in Ghana. We also offer entrepreneurship courses which teach you the principles of starting your business and building a brand that is hard to ignore.


We are resolute in our belief that transparency makes the world a better place. We mean what we say. If we promised it, you will get it. Also, there are no hidden fees or costs once your tuition fees have been paid completely. Fashion school has never been better.

Effective Education

We are dedicated to making your education and experience in fashion school effective and memorable. We share in your journey as you create memories and learn new fashion tricks. We provide you with all training materials necessary for your course and your success.


We acknowledge that COVID-19 has had an immense impact on our lives and our finances. Hence, we have put together a scholarship program to cut out any financial hinderance to enrolling to the Fashion Nest School. Access the scholarship application form here, if you need financial aid.