Fashion Nest Pre-Financing / Scholarship Program

Fashion Nest Scholarship: FAQs

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak, the inability to fund skill development as a result of economic challenges, and the necessity of investing in skill development for the continent, Fashion Nest is launching a first ever fashion school scholarship programme to support brilliant, passionate but needy individuals who are looking to nurture their talents into first class professionals in the fashion industry. 

People will need access to skill development programs more than ever over the months ahead, and resources are urgently needed to support those who have the passion but genuinely need financial support to gain skills for their future and family. We know that people interested in fashion in Africa struggle to access the needed funding for professional skill development. This is why we are open to pre-financing their fashion school journey to bring dreams of such persons to life. We are focussing this scholarship programme towards benefiting the people with some financial challenges but have strong passion and skill for the industry and will be committed to learning.

Which category of individuals should apply for this scholarship?

The Pre-financing opportunity/scholarship  will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate a clear financial need:

A. Individuals with Financial Difficulty:

This pre-financing and or scholarship is only available to individuals who show a clear financial need and reason for support. Individuals who are able to fund part of the fees are also eligible for the scholarship and are encouraged to apply.


B. Who have interest in pursuing fashion/dressmaking/tailoring in the long run

Those applying for the scholarship must show a substantial passion and demonstrate a clear plan to pursue the fashion field after school.

Can they share a simple business plan for their future business?

We only offer pre-financing for people who have a clear plan about their future fashion business.

We are focusing this pre-financing and scholarship programme towards benefiting individuals that are close to the location of the school (Adabraka-Accra) or will not have difficulties traveling during the period of the fashion school. This is because we don’t provide any funds for transportation and we don’t not want transportation to stop pre-financed students or students on scholarship from being in class.

Applicants must provide their detailed address and GPS location to indicate where they live. They should provide an additional address (optional) if they have other places of abode. This should be backed with a document (electricity, water bail, a tenant agreement or a testimonial.

Individuals who are able to fund some part of their fees exhibit some commitment towards their skill development and also allow the scholarship fund to reach others. As such, we encourage and give priority to individuals who are able to pay half, more or some part of their fees while we supplement the outstanding with our pre-financing /scholarship scheme. It allows us this opportunity to reach more people.

At Fashion Nest, it is our vision to see young people as equal partners in driving change and building industries. This vision shapes our mission, putting young people at the core of what Fashion Nest does. The upper age limit of 35 is the maximum age that Fashion Nest considers to be within its definition of youth.

I don’t have any experience in Fashion; can I apply ?

Yes, but we will require some additional information that might show your clear interest in the field, or your plan to pursue this in the future. This might include: 

Additional references and letters of support (please see ‘Application Process’ for more details on who can provide a letter of support)

Evidence of your interest, work or skill  e.g. photographs, newspaper articles, reports

Written business plan or sketches of business ideas

Application Process

Individuals  will be invited to apply for partial or full pre-financing/scholarship either by Fashion Nest directly or by an Alumni of Fashion Nest who has been invited to refer candidates. We will also open up for applications using social media channels fully at the discretion of the admissions and scholarship team.

You will be invited to complete an online application form consisting of a series of questions along with an option to submit a short video. You will be able to download the application and also submit a hard copy in person. Where video is required, a whatsapp number or email will be provided to submit – that is if the application is submitted in person.

Please refer to the online system and our Application Guidelines for further information.

The deadline for scholarship applications is in mid-July, 2020. Applications will be evaluated as they come in on their own merit. So we encourage people to apply as soon as it is opened. Details of unsuccessful applicants can be re-considered where they are extra funding available.

Applications will be reviewed promptly. We will aim to respond to you within one to two weeks of you submitting your application. We may ask for further information and supporting documentation at this point. We aim for pre-financing or scholarships to be awarded, subject to final checks (our due diligence), within 4 weeks.

Where can I find more information about the application process?

Those interested in applying or finding more information about applying can download a copy of our Application Guidelines on our website ( This guidance, alongside these FAQs and information hosted on the online application system will cover all you need to know.

Due diligence is a process of checking that you meet all of the eligibility criteria and requirements for Fashion Nest to be able to admit you into the pre-finance or scholarship program. These checks might include asking you to provide key documents e.g. identification, personal & guardian bank accounts, past school certificates or other documents associated with your application. It might also involve us asking further questions about your application and details of your financial need.

Examples of people who can provide a letter of support to verify your activity include:

  • Members of the clergy
  • Church authorities
  • Accountants (registered)
  • Medical practitioners and other professional persons (must belong to a professional body, which has a professional code of ethics and rules of conduct, e.g. Medical Registration Board)
  • Teachers in senior positions e.g. school principals or head of departments
  • Persons holding Public or Elected Office: Official Community Leaders 
  • Counsellors

Yes. You can submit for subsequent class batches. However, applications after 3 failed attempts will not be accepted.

How much funding is available?

Fashion Nest  will award approximately 5-10 students per batch of between GHS 500 to 2,500 for the class. The fees for the class is 3,500.

Does Fashion Nest offer any other funding programmes?

Fashion Nest works in partnership with some organisations & individuals who might be interested in offering some scholarships to fund tuition, transportation or meals. The scholarship programs are very limited and are not available currently.

Yes. This scholarship program is to help pre-finance your tuition to make it possible to acquire skills for a career without any financial barriers or hindrances. As part of the class, students will receive entrepreneurship lessons among others to help them to be successful. We also intend to place our alumni in jobs that ensure that they earn income. 

Fashion Nest will spread the reimbursement of the pre-finance over an 18 month period. This allows the scholarship  fund to be sustainable to support subsequent applicants with scholarship so no one faces barriers to reaching their goals in fashion.

Application Overview

Applications for scholarship or pre-financing into Fashion Nest School is open.
Pre-financing/Scholarship application rounds are announced 3 months before the beginning of a new batch of class but the call for pre-finance/scholarship is open continually. And applications can come in for any of the 3 class modules: Weekday, Evening, Weekend Classes. Applications coming in that do not respond to one of these themes will not be assessed.

Eligibility criteria A: 

Funding from GHS 500 – GHS 2,500

Application with a 2- 4 week turnaround from application assessment to confirmation. 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants Should:

  • Have at least a junior high school certificate
  • Be between 18 – 35 years of age
  • Applicant should not have challenges transporting him or herself to class
  • Must be available throughout their chosen module if not funding will be rescinded, and what has already being invested will be calculated to be paid back – morning, evening and weekend.
  • Have passion and a clear plan for a career in fashion .
  • Be ready to work right after through internship, full time or personal work.
  • Scholarship recipients should be ready to reimburse the scholarship fund with the scholarship provided after 18 months of graduation at an interest free rate. After 18 months of graduation, the remaining amount will attract a 3% interest per month.
  • Should have at least one identification card: Ghana card, voters ID, passport, etc.
  • Should have at least one of the following documents to share:
    Bank Introductory letter**
    Business idea or career plan document
    Evidence of Home Address
    Loan documents or scholarship letter to show proof of financial need
    2 Guarantors – (Guarantor should be available to meet a fashion nest official as part of the application process).


For any questions please get in touch with the pre-financing / scholarship support team at .

Application Questions

Select either video or written format for your Concept Note submission.